Ordinary Membership

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Ordinary membership is the most basic membership with AUHS.  This membership fee is a donation to our organization declaring that you believe in what we do and even if perhaps you don't want to undertake courses or develop any kind of mediumship you are interested in Spiritualism and want to help others who do want to work for spirit.

This membership helps you get to know us and get to know what we have to offer and how it can help you in the future if you do wish to get more involved with our work.  You can also cultivate friendships within your affiliated church/group and even if you don't want to become a Healer or medium Membership with AUHS still allows you receive discounts on ticket prices for AUHS venues and undertake our courses and vote at the AGM and even be nominated for our Executive after one years membership.

Ordinary membership is a valuable beginning to your searching for some deeper meaning to life in a gentle way whereby you don't take on any of the responsibilites of some of the other membership types with us.




 Just Click on the link above to open the application form and print it out from your own computer.  We hope very much that you would like to us. 

The only stipulation is that you have never committed a criminal offence and that you are resident within the UK.