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The great benefit of Affiliation with AUHS means your members can join AUHS as a separate membership.  As an AUHS member they then have the right to enrole on BAHAs Healing Course and on other AUHS courses. In the fullness of time your own church members can be upgraded to Healer Leaders training your own members in your own church/group without inteference from AUHS so long as you work within BAHA and AUHS rules and guidelines.  That way churches groups keep control over their own healers knowing they are fully insured and trained to UK Standards of Healing.

Cut price insurance fees and course fees, a free magazine, reduced ticket prices for AUHS venues within AUHS Affiliated Churches/Groups. 

AUHS members have the right to vote upon all sorts of important issues and help make decisions which really matter to every member within AUHS. 

The right to be nominated for an Executive position at our once yearly AGM. 

The right to put letters after your name celebrating the completion of the Mediumship Course (Dip or DUSA), Ministers Course (MUSA) and Healing Course (HUSA). Or a combination or all.

Affiliation with AUHS 

All this for ONLY £10.00 a year


 (Course fees and membership fees are paid by individual members not the Affiliated churches/groups)


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Church/Group Affiliation -  If you have your own Spiritualist Church or Group and have been feeling somehow held back and if you are strong enough and large enough now to not limit the life of what you have created by risking stagnation instead of new adventure, learning and exploration.  Then you are indeed a forward looking President or Committee member who knows that to grow and remain safe even an organisation must be bright energetic and forward moving, it must accept new challenge and new members into its doors. To join with an umbrella organisation who can help your members realise their dreams whilst remaining within your own Church / Group membership means you will only grow in knowledge and not lose the most experienced members who are looking for something more than you alone could provide.  AUHS has Churches / Groups with large or small memberships because of course it often depends upon the size of your community and the placement of your venue even the reasons why you have formed a group at all.

On the back-burner rather than in the forefront of the Spiritualist world is not enough if you truly believe your church or group needs and deserves a better profile and better opportunities.  You are ready to lead them outward and forward into a larger community giving your church or group a higher profile with more security in British Law whilst allowing your members to gain valuable insurance and courses at low cost charity prices with high quality services.  Your members get to keep the church or group and the people they know and trust and yet have the opportunity to reach out and become part of something bigger.  So that one church or group suddenly has the voice of many churches and groups to secure and protect its members and clients.

AUHS may be just right for you.  Click on the Welcome Book in menu above for all the information you need to know about Affiliation and membership with AUHS.  AUHS currently have churches and groups all over the UK as you can see by clicking the churches/groups link above, we always hold out hands to accept new friends into our heart.  

AUHS has groups who specialise in "Healing" and some who offer the general public an open door with Divine Services together with Spiritual Healing.  A number of Churches / Groups provide Development Classes and Open Circles.  Exploring the world of spirit and spirituality in their own very individual ways.  If you do Affilitate with AUHS, AUHS always promise never to intefere in the running of the our Affiliates, we leave all the Committee work to them alone.  AUHS simply provide the means to gain qualifications and insurance and to be part of something that now is UK Wide.  Born in 1992 from very small beginnings with a group of friends it is truly amazing that twenty years later our little UK Registered Charity is slowly becoming more and more visible and respected.  So don't think are a bit organisation swamping new ideas.  To the contrary that is were we first began in the hearts of people with new ideas for simplicity and togetherness.