Courses with AUHS

AUHS courses are very interesting and accomplished by post and/or e-mail for the main part.  The fees are always kept to a minimum making them affordable to most budgets.  AUHS courses complement each other and are special way to get to know AUHS and our members very well.  They will help you serve your church and your community to the highest standard with insurance whilst working within UK law.  You have nothing to lose but time and everything to gain.

Just chose a subject and click on the sub-menu title in the grey line above to open the link and read about each course.

Sharing Knowledge

 These provide extremely important opportunities for AUHS members as part of our work for spirit is the sharing of knowledge which assists our spiritual development. No spiritual organization could fully complete its duties for spirit if there were no place for learning and sharing. Our modern way of working and living is "Life long Learning" and by law everyone in the UK must equally have the opportunity to lean no matter how old they may be.  So age in not normally a barrier except when the law comes in, such as with healing, a student must be at least 18 years old to enrol and an applicant for any of our memberships must be at least 18 years of age.  But setting aside this restriction from the age of 18 to when ever our courses cover the following varied and interesting subjects:-

1. Basic Awareness Course

2. Diploma for Mediumship

3. Ministers Course

Each course has its own very particular criteria for enrolment just as any school or college applicant would expect.  But the minimum criteria is simply membership of AUHS together with reasonable a standard of English and English Literature and Language.  Where an applicant might have a problem if AUHS can help there are few reasons why you can not enrol upon one of our courses.

Students Responsibilities

Because most of our courses are achieved by post, our students MUST ensure to keep a copy of their work on file so that should the worst thing happen and your hard work gets lost in the post you still have a copy so all is not lost.  Course work must be written or typed in English and any illegible work will be returned to be re-written.  Students must not trespass upon someone else's copyrighted work and must always be respectful.  Tutors ruling upon work is final. Certificates will never be awarded unless a majority of Executives together with the tutor believe the course has been completed to reasonable standard.