23rd September 2017 will be our next AGM 



Many thanks to Mrs Margaret Robinson for hosting the event.

We will post all updates here as soon as we have them 


It is so, so important that we support and applaud all the hard work given over the year by individuals within all our Affiliate churches and groups.  Together with the hard work in organising the members Anniversary Weekend Celebrations. 

The AWC is a celebration of achievement which we have all been an important part of throughout the year.  It is a celebration of individual success when members pass their courses and are proud to be awarded their certificates.  It is a celebration and an outward expression of what we all believe that AUHS has a special place within our communities serving people from all walks and means of life without judgment or prejudice but with equal respect. 

Nothing in life is given free of charge least of all over AWCs and prices are always rising, never falling.  AUHS still manages to provide our services at extremely low cost with high quality and it is ONLY members who keep this organisation alive. 

As an Affiliate looking for mediums or new contacts these AWCs are invaluable and can offer information and learning which you didn't know was possible. 

AUHS don't have a choice, by law we must hold an AGM each year which is open to all our members. But it is the most important meeting of every year, the only one with the possibility to get every member together in one place.