1992 - AUHS is Est. in Gateshead




How Time Flies - Established in Gateshead in 1992

Our Founders

With the coming together of other like-minded people one small very daring thought sneaks bravely into his mind, “I wonder if we really could do this” From two people and the sharing of ideas with a few wrong turns in the early years after 1992 gradually a new stable committee of eight ordinary people agreed to form the first Executive core and two Churches one in Gateshead and one in Cumbria formed an affiliate alliance with their first USA constitution committed to the same goals all inspired to use their own innate talents to cause the birth of a new Charity Spiritual Association which will have not for profit values opening the doors to all no matter their belief or ideas so long as they teach unconditional love.

USA becomes the new umbrella organization with high hopes being guided by the higher side of life which will bring together smaller far less rich spiritual churches and groups that some larger more powerful organizations would not easily welcome due to their low numbers and loyalty to the Christian faith.

USA would encourage and protect affiliates and their members within British Law and provide insurance and training but put spiritual development first promising never to interfere within affiliated committee affairs allowing them to retain full responsibility for their own internal affairs so long as they agree to believe in USA Principles and the newly written constitution, with this then unique light handed guidance USA begins to create interest in its ideals across the whole spiritualist communities.

After a short time it was realized a new name was needed to improve visibility on the worldwide web and help dispel confusion over its roots in the UK.  It was agreed that the name The Association of Universal Healers and Spiritualists should be adopted as our visible identity whilst USA would remain our registered name with UK Charity Commission.  

AUHS believe it doesn’t really matter which religion you come into Spiritualism from there is at least one small line said to have come from Jesus which goes something like this, “You can’t serve two masters.” which rings true today.  I believe the meaning is simply that as you begin to individually develop you realize it’s impossible to follow both material and spiritual laws purely because the spirit simply has nothing to do with material life it’s just far more instantly truthful for nothing is hidden and there is no deceit.

However, since we must live a material life spirit also understand the great importance to protect ourselves within our respective cultural environments both morally and physically.  It is left to the individual to find that middle road between the two worlds which is comfortable and safe for us to walk. 

You can’t force change without causing confusion and war on any level. Material organizations should be mindful of that fact.  If someone were to arrogantly say, “your religion is wrong” how friendly would you be towards them?  I believe the problem answers itself.  Morally and spiritually we must accept all equally and be willing to learn from all points of view taking from each what we feel naturally is right thing to do.    This is what our founders tried to do and what AUHS tries to achieve now.  There are none of us saints and we all make mistakes but if we continue to believe in what AUHS stands for there won’t be any uncertainty of why we exist or what we have come together to provide, a place to learn and come together in peaceful communion no matter our background.