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Upgrading to Healer Leader 

This is one of our most important position within AUHS.  To be a tutor or teacher in any subject is such an honour.  To have others put their full trust in your experience and ability to train gives such a sense of person pride and yet humility that it is a very special calling.  Once you have been a member of AUHS for at least one full year as a Full Healer you have the right to apply for this position if your church/group want to put you forward.  To achieve this honour means that you have gained at least three years experience in Spiritual Healing.  Many of our Healer Leaders originally Undertook the Healing Course whilst already having wide experience of Spiritual Healing because they wanted to take their passion further by securing it with certification and insurance.  Three years plus seem a very long time but it is amazing how quickly this time passes by.  AS Healer Leader you have the right to train Probationer's within your own church or group and you have the opportunity to represent your church/group at our once yearly AGM and AWC where you can vote in at the AGM the Healers and Healer Leaders meetings.  There are few positions within AUHS including our Executive positions which carry such great responsibility, since AUHS is mainly a healing organization the reputation of AUHS is mainly carried on the backs of our Healers who as spread across much of the UK into the Isle of Man.  Many of our Mediums are also Healers although of course you don't have to be a medium to be a Healer many of our Mediums enjoy both spiritual gifts and they enjoy the quiet quality guidance they receive from the behind the scenes.  AUHS never interfere with our internal church/group business unlike some other organisations we trust our church/group Committees to know how to manage their own business without our interference unless they ask for help and for new Affiliates we provide all the information they need to get started.   If you are invited by your church/group to upgrade to a Healer Leader you can be sure you will receive all the support you need.  There is only a short assessment to be completed ensuring that you do indeed have all the experience and education you need to carry out your duties.  So don't be afraid to try.