Healing Membership

20.06.14 Healers Applications.pdf 20.06.14 Healers Applications.pdf
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This is a "Spiritual Healing Course".

AUHS students are insured right from the beginning of membership.   Students will cover many aspects of spiritual healing throughout the two years of study under the careful support of an experienced long term member who is a Healer Leader.

There will be short assessments at various points during your course to ensure you fully understand it and the two years will pass by very quickly until you are confident whilst healing a client in public and you fully understand British Law, AUHS rules and guidelines and BAHA's extremely important Code of Conduct. 

Another specical path to want to take on the service of spirit and your community, its time given selflessly and voluntarily and most of AUHS healers never charge for the privilege of serving the world of light.  Their only reward is in seeing their cliants feels happier and that they are helped to live a more confident life because of your healing hands.



Just Click on the link above to open the application form and print it out from your own computer.  We hope very much that you would like to us. 

The only stipulation is that you have never committed a criminal offence and that you are resident within the UK.


19.06.14 Probationer to Full Healer.pdf 19.06.14 Probationer to Full Healer.pdf
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Once you have completed the full two year course.  Your Healer Leader will help you fill in the the above upgrading form so that you can apply for the status of "Full Healer".  When you get to this stage you can feel proud of the fact that you have successfully completed the course to a standard that your Healer Leader feel you are ready to shed your student status and become a fully fledged healer with AUHS.