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Healing Course with AUHS 

This is a two year course accomplished by using course material supplied from BAHA and insurance supplied from BALENS.  You must first be a member of an AUHS Affiliated Churched and then you must join AUHS as a Probationer Healer using the form above.  Your training will be carried out within your own church/group Healing group under the guidance of a Healer Leader in your own church/group.  Once you have completed this course, you will be a certificated fully insured full healer of AUHS with the right to put the letters DUSA or DIP after your name and the right to heal within any AUHS affiliated church/group.  You also have the right to vote in our once yearly AGM and within the Healers meeting at the AWC.  As member of AUHS you also have the right to undertake any of our other courses as described above.  After one year as Full Healer with AUHS if you are invited by your church/group you can apply for an upgrade to Healer Leader with the opportunity to train others wishing to become Spiritual Healers.  There are many opportunities offered to our members as you can read here and AUHS pride ourselves in providing quality support and courses throughout.  AUHS came into being to offter people wishing to undertake healing with their guides even if they couldn't afford to pay the high training fees which other organisations demand.  Ours is the only UK Registered Charity enabled to offer Insurance for Spiritual Healing at such a low cost which you remain within British Law.  British Law is always changing with regard to Alternative Healing and AUHS keep all our members up to date and current with the legal necessities.  Our umbrella organisations are all widely respected and accepted within the Spiritualist community so you can be sure to have quality support.  We hope very much that you choose to join us.