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Sometimes understanding how things are done and who does what in any organisation can be difficult and confusing.  So to help members navigate I have created this flowchart. 

Suprisingly; for such a small organisation it is a complex record of the different levels of responsibility.  Particularly because there are lots of smaller organisations within AUHS who are the umbrella organisation providing an open door and listening ear towards training and insurance.

I hope you enjoy reading it.

Our layout proves just how organised we have to be and how involved our members have become over the years.  Sharing mountains of information, knowledge and inspiration that thousands have benefited from across the UK.  And all of it given freely by people who themselves do not live easy or wealthy lives.  I feel very happy to have been a part of the the tiny seed of hopeful growth from very early beginnings in 1992 and I remember our President Rev Stewart Robertson and his wife Christine Robertson asking me and my husand to join AUHS and help with the administration during a divine service in Leam Leane Gateshead.   We were not confident or sure of ourselves at that time and so the only support we could offer was our donation membership fee and our praise for Stewart's great bravery in stepping out into his dreams of helping people on lower income to enjoy the same benefits as Spiritualists in much larger richer organisations. 

Quietly and gradually I think over the years it has come more and more into the light and is being recognised and known for what it is.  A place of spiritual growth.