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 CRBs Replaced by DBS

Home Office have updated the rules for gaining "Disclosure" documents once known as CRBs.  One change is that the applicant can apply on-line and will need only one DBS covering any kind of Employment they wish to apply for.  There are two types of DBS one of which is paid for the other is free to volunteers of charity organisations.  AUHS already required CRBs for our healers within three years of either joining AUHS or after AGM 2012 whichever is closest.  However with the new changes comes the need to ask for another vote from our members upon which route they wish to take, either paid our free DBs.

It is a positive note to realise that these are valid with any employer outside AUHS and the applicant would only need one DBs, not a new one for every job applied for as in the past.

Just click on the document above to read the whole story about these changes and what our options as members really are to further the security of AUHS our members and congregations. 


Rules for Healing

I also received queries about changes for animal healing and Spiritual Healing and I thought this information may be useful to other members.  This is also included within the attached document.  But the general rule since BAHA training material is specifically for humans AUHS members must seek outside training and insurance to heal animals.


New Rules for Volunteers

In British Law the new ruling is that all Volunteers must be treated exactly the same as the fully employed, enjoing all the same rights and privileges such paid holiday and paid sick pay and even the minimum wage.  I checked this up with the Charity Commission and they advised that if we are taken on as a Volunteer and have agreed to being unpaid then we are still unpaid volunteers.  Volunteer help for Charities falling under the rule that they should be paid are those Contracted or Sub-contracted to carry out a job or task either full time or part time or temporary.  So if you are taken on under a written contract which gives you a written job description and an agreed number of working hours, you are entitled to a wage.  Sorry AUHS members, we are unpaid volunteers.  However even as unpaid volunteers we are now entitled to receive the same protections as the fully employed such as training for our positions, equal opportunities, freedom from harassment, etc.