Dedicated Support

Remember all our positions are none paid and all our churches/groups give mostly free service to their communities only asking for help to recoupe expenses for the running of the vital groups which we provide on behalf of Spirit and Spiritualism.  This is a none profit venuture but it can't live without some finances in the coffers covering bills which are outside of our control, such as for insurance and training.

It ONLY exists because of membership support and most of our income comes from membership fees.  The once yearly AGM is our MAIN means of gaining both public and members donations that is how vital our AWC is each year.  It also advertises that we exist at all to newcomers who could one day become members.    So if you were not enabled to come to our AWC this year you were very much missed but all is not lost, you can still send in a donation to our Treasurer, Rev Stewart Robertson, 99 Wealcroft, Leam Lane, Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, NE10 8LN making out your cheque to AUHS or The Association of Universal Healers and Spiritualists.  If you do chose to send in a donation, we THANK YOU very much for your support.

AUHS currently have a National Secretary, but if you were interested in reading what The National Secretary does on your behalf please click on the link above.


National Secretary Job Procedure.pdf National Secretary Job Procedure.pdf
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Membership Secretaries Procedures.pdf Membership Secretaries Procedures.pdf
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AUHS currently have a Membership Secretary, if you need to know who to contact for a members query please read what Jennifer does on your behalf click on the link above.


Executives.pdf Executives.pdf
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To be on AUHS Executive you have been a fully paid-up member of AUHS for at least one year.  Some Executive positions have other criteria which must also be fulfilled. 

Click on the Link Above to read about AUHS Executives, what they do, how to nominate.  All of these are entitled to receive Expenses.  But all members are Unpaid Volunteers.

  1. President
  2. Treasurer
  3. Vice President North
  4. Vice President South
  5. Membership Secretary
  6. Healer Representative
  7. National Secretary

Read about our None Executive positions a good way with less responsibility to support AUHS if you are worried about being a Trustee.

  1. Co-Opted Liaison Complaints Officer
  2. Co-Opted Newsletter Editor

We have these supportive jobs within AUHS which are not either Co-Opted or Executive but are never-the-less extremely important to our organisation.  If you don't want to be on a Committee, these might interest you.

  1. Certificate Printer
  2. Stole Maker

Within the memberships above there are a number of other jobs taken up by Executives which although seperate from their main duties it was decided they were too important to allocate outside of Executive level and because AUHS are only allowed to appoint a certain number of Executives these jobs had to be incorporated into the main Executive Position Job Descriptions. If you do take on an Executive position, these may also be part of your daily administration and interaction with members.

Vice President South

  1. Data Protection Officer
  2. Upgrade Full Healer to Healer Leader

Secretary (PA) to Vice Presiden South

This is not an Executive position and is to support Vice President South duties.  

Vice President North

  1. Press and Publicity Officer


Is not an Executive position, however the duties of Trainer are most often taken on by one of our Executives who are widely experienced with at least twenty years dedication to spiritualism.  In fact most Executives can boast thirty years or more service for spirit many of these done within AUHS. These provide extremely important opportunities for AUHS members as part of our work for spirit is the sharing of knowledge which assists our spiritual develoment. Our courses cover the following varied and interesting subjects:-

1. Basic Awareness Course

2. Diploma for Mediumship

3. Ministers Course.

Each course has its own very particular criteria for enrolment just as any school or college applicant would expect.  But the minimum criteria is simply membership of AUHS together with reasonable standard of English and English Literature and Language.  Where an applicant might have a problem if AUHS can help there are few reasons why you can not enrol upon one of our courses.