Volunters are always needed to fill AUHS positions

AUHS Volunteers agree to be unpaid. However if at Executive or Co-opted position you will receive "Expenses" for stationary and travel over 100 miles to each meeting. Executives are expected to attend most quarterly meetings each year (March, June, September, Nov.) and deffinately the AGM each September.  You will work closely with all other Executives must be full prepared to keep each fully and regularly informed upon AUHS business.

Nominations for Executive Positions to be Voted upon at AGM 2014

AUHS are delighted to be enabled to tell you we have filled the positions of  "President", "Treasurer", "Membership Secretary", "Trainor" and "Vice President North". 

Minute Taker position

We still have a vacancy for "Minute Taker".  This position is lucky in that it doesn't carry the responsibilites of an Executive, however position-holder will be working quite closely with Executives during meetings and shortly afteward.  It can be quite artistic and intersting in nature as post-holder must attend all AUHS meetings throughout the year.  It would ideally suit an AUHS Member who enjoys reading books and would like the opportunity to write factual documents which will be archived for future years and will become part of AUHS written history.  It needs someone who has an eye for careful detail and accurate recording of proceedings with a common sense approach to what should and should not be included.  We are looking for an AUHS member with secretarial experience and knowledge of computers to take on this important hands on task.  As always Minute Taker will be entitled to receive "Expenses" and travel costs to each meeting.  If you are interested, please contact President or National Secretary with your nomination at least two weeks before September AGM or as soon as possible . Thank you.

Vice President South

We now have a nomination for Vice President South Position.