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Are you alreay a Certificated Healer from another Organisation? 

If you are you probably don't relish the prospect of having to do another two year healing course to gain certification and insurance with another healing organisation.  Well, don't worry, so long you have the documentation to prove your healing certification and it is from an organization recognized by AUHS, BAHA and BALEN you can join AUHS without losing your former status.


If you are already an accomplished Spiritual Healer and you wish to leave your current organisation to join us you will not be expected to complete the full two year healing course with BAHA because of course you have already undertaken and passed at least one healing course before applying to us.

There is however a short six month period when you will be under the support of one of our own Healer Leader so that you have time to learn the rules and guidelines of BAHA, AUHS and British Law. To assist during this time you must also purchase a current copy of BAHAs training manuals.

It is important to know that AUHS ONLY teach "Spiritual Healing" and our healers are ONLY insured for Spiritual Healing.  They are NOT insured for any other kind of healing through BAHA.  Although of course they may hold certificates and be insured through other organisations equally accepted by AUHS.


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Our only stipulation is that you have never committed a criminal offence and that you life full-time within the UK. You must have been left your previous organization for at least six months before you apply to AUHS for healing membership.  This is simply a cooling off period - a time when you can truly decide if you want to stay away from your organization to join AUHS or not.