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            Healers from Other Organisations thinking about joining AUHS 


AUHS will welcome certificated full healers from other organisations under the following conditions:-


1. Application to transfer to AUHS is made to Membership Secretary.

2) Applicant provides together with their application a copy of their previous certificates.

3) Applicant agrees to undertake a short six month probationary under a Healer Leader with AUHS.

4) Applicant comes from an Organisation accepted by BALENS, BAHA and AUHS.

5) Applicant must purchase a copy of BAHA’s Training Manual.

6) Applicant must have been left their previous organisation for at least six months.


The reason for the six month probationary period:

As you might appreciate; AUHS don’t know you and you don’t know AUHS.  It is therefore very important that you agree to undertake a study of BAHA’s Code of Conduct and AUHS rules and guidelines in order that you can be sure never to breach those rules and risk losing your valuable insurance with BALENS.


AUHS are not forcing you to undertake the full two year course when you are already a qualified healer simply that you must agree too and fully understand the rules and guideline of AUHS BAHA and British Law within your new chosen Association. 

If you are interested and fulfill the criteria above please use the form attached to this page to make your application, thank you.