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 Can I re-join AUHS?

The simple answer is "Yes" of course you can rejoin AUHS whenever you are ready.  There are just a few rules to read below before you make your decision.

Lapsed Membership

1. You must not have committed any criminal offence which would prevent you from working with children or vulnerable adults.

2. To rejoin whilst retaining all your former status you must not have lapsed for more than eight weeks and can use the renewal form to regain your membership but you will have to pay a penalty fee together with your usual membership fee.

Cancelled Membership

1. To rejoin AUHS after two months It will be assumed that since you didn't renew within the eight week period your membership with us has ended and therefore all your former membership details will have been removed from the current membership file and archived (AUHS can keep membership records on file for a maximum of seven years before they must be securely destroyed) and you will not be a member of AUHS any longer.  In which case you must re-apply as if you were a new applicant.

2. If you wish to be a healer with AUHS you will have to fill in the "Probationer Healer" application form held within "Healing Membership" grey tab above. 

3. If your new application is accepted you will be given a new membership number and will be expected to undertake a six month probationary period with one of our Healer Leaders before you can regain your "Full Healing" status. This is to acquaint you with any changes since your last membership with AUHS.

I want to join again but I've been left AUHS for one year or more

1. In this case, yes, of course you are welcome to rejoin AUHS.  But since you have been away from us for so long you will be expected to undertake the whole two year course again.  Of course one or two years is a very long time to be out of service with anything and so much changes very quickly in our modern world.  You will be very out-of-date and very likely will have forgotten much of your former training.  AUHS couldn't allow you to heal without being confident that you are a competent healer and we know that you would agree, no organisation would allow you to re-join after so long without further in depth training.