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 Is it nearly time to renew your membership fees


Members are always sent a reminder approximately one month before their membership fees are due for renewal.  So don't worry about missing your renewal deadline. 

However it does save AUHS quite a bit and is much appreciated if members would take it upon themselves not to wait for the reminder letter but to send in their renewal fees themselves.

It also helps greatly if members would enclose an SAE for the return of their new membership card to cut AUHS postage and packing costs greatly throughout the year. 

If you happen to live on the Isle of Man we understand it is difficult to include SAE because of the differences in postal charges on the mainland. 

If you happen to be an AUHS Healing member please don't forget you also need to return your "Declaration form" along with your renewals form.  Both documents are uploaded for you on this page.

How does AUHS keep our records

All our members personal details are kept according to UK Laws for Data Protection.  We are allowed to keep them on file for seven years before securely destroying them.  These are rarely stored in paper form and are mainly scanned into memory stick and/or onto a computer and the paper version is then securely destroyed immediately it is not required for membership purposes (shredded or burned or both).  More than one Executive within AUHS will have a copy of our Database this is necessary because they will need to be enabled to contact you occasionally about AUHS matters such as to post out minutes and renewals etc. But our Database is protected and will never be shared with any unauthorised person either inside or outside of AUHS.  When you join AUHS you agree to the above terms of sharing and storing of association information.  AS AUHS doesn't have a dedicated Head Office Building our Executives are spread out over most of the UK into the Isle of Man.  So the necessity for sharing by secure means on memory stick you must understand is unavoidable.

 AUHS will always try to use e-mail as much as possible but not all our members have a computer.    


May we take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support

without which AUHS could not exist