Saving Money is very important

Together with membership of AUHS there are a number of things which members and visitors can do to help support our work.  

1. Standing Orders 

The standing order form PDF is attached to the left of this page.  If you are a member of AUHS or thinking of becoming a member of AUHS to pay by SO is a very good way to help AUHS save funds with less to-ing and froing of letters and postage costs. You can cancel the standing order any time you wish.  You need never worry about missing your renewal date again and you will still receive your new membership card each year.

2. Gift Aid

The gift aid form is located to the right of this page. It is used by all Charities to claim back a little extra from your membership fees each year.  The Git Aid does not cost you anything more, but is an important support if all AUHS in being enabled to raise a little extra valuable funds.  If you are a TAX Payer you can send one in to our Treasurer and a member of AUHS.

3. Donations

AUHS being a charity is always grateful to receive donations from members and visitors to our website. Sometimes churches/groups can organise special rally's with small fees for entry and use part of what is raised for themselves whilst at the same time posting a little off to our Treasurer (Cheques payable to "AUHS").

It is always difficult to talk about money when you are a trying to be Spiritual and work for nothing  but it's increasingly hard for charities to survive and amazing that one so small as ours is still going strong since 1992.  Every little helps and it is all due to the dedication of our members that we are here at all.

We should be proud of all the work we are doing for spirit and for the furtherance of spiritual understanding and because we are still here today it proves that our little organisation is still very much respected and needed.  It would be nice to believe we might be here to see our 100th Birthday which seems so long away into the future right now that it's unreachable, especially when most of us will not be in the flesh so to speak, or at least will be "pushing up the daisy's" as is a fond way of saying when we will have passed-over and may even not be remembered any more.

But if you don't have goal to work towards it's hard to see what future might be possible.  I keep remembering when my Grandmother was born in 1900 horses and carriages where the norm and by the time she'd taken her own passing woman gained the vote and then fought for the rights of equal pay for equal work, we all have the right for free treatment in the NHS and the state pensions will help support us when we retire.  The terrifying threat of the workhouse is long gone.

We have walked on the moon and with hardly a seconds thought are flying through the air on holidays all over the world rather than spending a day at the coast occasionally through the summer months.  If we think about what our grandparents fought for and how we benefit from it now. Even free education for all our children we now take for-granted.  Good hope and Charity for animals and birds and now our whole world and beyond is just a small way in which collective thinking is lighting the way changing our perception of self and personal responsibility. It's not quite "All for one and one for all" yet as what Daniel Dufo wrote put great heart into the characters and those who read his book The Three Musketeers, but it might be one day. We are still war like mucky and unruly but somehow we muddle through get together and survive.  If the world is going to be a better place it will be because ultimately we never let go what we prize most which should be a happy safe largely predictable and confident future for all our children across the whole world not just our own.  

To that end every small charity plays its part today to fight for equal rights at it's own level is really part of our modern day life.  So we are not just fighting to keep one little organisation alive we are fighting to maintain the equal rights of a charitable minority faith in our small communities to have the right for our voice equally along side the larger government with equal respect should always be our goal. We are all fighting for the same things lots of little groups under different names with similar goals in mind. If you believe in spirit you are part of the bigger picture and will be remembered together with the whole movement if not as an individual.  So everyone of you are important making the whole stronger and something viable that thrives is hard to put down.

Donate your time and the heart to help and success easily follows.

Thank you for visiting AUHS - please call back soon

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Naturally AUHS is a charity organisation heavily dependent upon our membership fees.  We do accept donations kindly given by members and visitors to our churches and groups which greatly helps to support our work and is very much appreciated.  As a visitor if you would like to donate, please send a cheque payment to our Treasurer, (details on contact page) making out your cheque to "The Association of Universal Healers and Spiritualists" or "AUHS".

Thank you so much for support

11.09.12 Gift Aid Form.pdf 11.09.12 Gift Aid Form.pdf
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