UCPD - Explained

Just like any other organisation within the UK or within the world AUHS is subject to the law and recent changes within the Law has meant that the UCPD has come into force protecting the general public but by the same token putting Spiritualism under the banner of "Entertainment" something which all Spiritualists find distasteful since we all know this is very real and the proving of the life after could never be described a being entertainment in the true meaning of the word.

Spiritualism has been afforded the same rights and obligations as any mainstream Religion within the UK and since the life after death has not been proven in modern day science it seems difficult for the law to put us in our correct pigeon hole. It is part of any Mediums work to do their part in proving that we do live after the death of the physical to a level that can be accepted in science. 

The gaining of respect within our communities is a vital role for all believers to pay careful attention to how they deliver their services in full view of all.  It is a natural transition when the time comes to us all so no one need be afraid, we still live on and it is just like walking into another space in which we can be vital part of both worlds until we move on to the higher realms.  There are rules and laws in both sides of life, if we work sensibly and with respect then we have little to fear.


AUHS New UCPD Disclaimer.pdf AUHS New UCPD Disclaimer.pdf
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If you click on the link above it will open out a printable PDF document which you can use to display within your own Church / Group to be in keeping with UK law your visitors, members and congregation must be enabled to read these details and know what their rights are.