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  Upgrade to Healer Leader

This application in many ways is an honour for members to aspire too.  Because the member has been asked by their church or group to train other members to become full healers.

Giving the applicant the opportunity to share their knowledge can be so special.  It is being a "teacher" enabled to pass on your experience to another generation of healers who aspire to like yourself.  To have the gentle that might ease another physical or mental pain.

It is a great responsibility to teach and a very respected position within AUHS.  Applicants must have been FULL HEALING members of AUHS for not less than one whole year.  And must have been invited to apply for this position by the committee of their church or group.  Applicants will under-go a short but comprehensive assessment before acceptance 

Simply click the link above to open the application form and you can print it off on your own computer.  If it's not there at the moment, please return and try again, it might be that document is being updated.

The main stipulation for this position is that legally you cannot have ever committed a ciminal offence and you must reside permenantly within the UK.