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We also have all the application forms you will need to apply for our courses and various memberships.  Should you need any further information of course you may contact any one of our Executives listed within the contacts page above.

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 A very beautiful radio recording from our former President Rev Glenys Clarke.  All upon Spiritual matters close to our hearts.  A fitting memorial for a beautiful soul. 

Something very interesting for you to listen to whilst you relax over a nice hot cup of tea and a biscuit.  Everone has their own ideas about spirit and spirituality and its good that we sit down together and talk about our feelings towards it.  How else do we learn and understand and grow.  Even the ancient philosophers firmly believed in discussion to find the truth.  Spirit is about personal faith, its the science of the heart you could say.  See if you can find something from the discussions on the radio to discuss in your own church / group. 

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